Do you have a car accident, trucking accident, wrongful death case, or any personal injury case, but aren’t licensed in Texas?

Or, it could be you do not specialize in personal injury law? If you answered yes to either, consider contacting our firm, Stephens & Stephens Injury Attorneys.

Please contact us we have successfully recovered millions of dollars through settlement and jury verdicts with co-counsel. We are proud of our continuous co-counsel relationships.

Here’s our process when working with co-counsel referrals:

Step 1: We discuss with the referring attorney the percentage and any other co-counsel fees of the referring lawyer or law firm, and agree on this at the beginning.

Step 2: We will speak with the potential client an we evaluate the client to see if it meets Stephens & Stephens criteria.

Step 3: A fee agreement is provided to the client, which sets forth the respective attorney responsibilities and relationships.

Step 4: At the time of resolution of the case, we contact the referring lawyer or law firm to conclude out referral agreement. 

Do not wait call us and speak to one of our attorneys for more information 713-629-1111.